Realistic Autmnal Shopping.

Guys we know I love a list. Girl, loves by list. So obviously there’s one for my first week back of holiday. Getting into the swing of Autumn is definitely necessary- no more sandals unless you want frost bite! 

Shopping as a whole can be stressful for any body shape. After crying in many changing rooms, you may find the most flattering jumper and but it in all the colours or you might leave feeling deflated and wanting to cry into your Pumkin Spice Latte. Without further or do! Here’s my very realistic list of Autumnal shopping. Fails or wins. 

Oh look fluffy jumpers!!!! 

Give me all the burgundy!?! 

Yes, black ripped jeans you gift from heaven. 

Why are the arm lengths so odd! Damn my alien arms! 

Hello, sequins you glimmering gifts from god! 

Oh, this sequin top two sizes to big won’t go over my shoulders. Joy…

Scarfs, in need 90. 

And don’t forget gloves I’ll forget to take out on bonfire night. 

White fluffy, oversized polar bear jumper. COME AT ME. 

Over sized. over priced jumpers are life. 

OH ma daysssss, penguin umbrella! I love happy feet! Yes, please.

Where are the fluffy socks?

Oh you babe of them all, come here fleeced pajamas. 


Bootie slippers, warm hugs for feet! 

Oh hello you fluffy primark babe! £3 for three fluffy pairs with little snow flakes on. I’ll have 12. 

Pays an unmentionable about for above products, lives of biscuits and stolen food from parents but, you need those autumnal feels! Right?  

 Ah, yes- shopping at its best.