Reverse Bucket List: Sept 17


After being nominated for the Self Love Tag by Chloe, I started to think about what I have achieved along the way. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much you have achieved when bills and admin start to take over your life. Here’s a little reminder to me, that when I think I can’t do something. Go grab a brew put your head on straight and read this.

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Happy Friday!


  • Degree – in 2011 I graduated with a 2:1 from the University of Northampton. Something I never thought possible. I still kind of don’t believe it now.
  • Mildly successfully moved out- it was a learning curve and let’s just leave it at that.
  • Passed your driving test –trust me guys this was fucking emotional! After 5 attempts, I passed. Yes, 5.
  • Got over your fear of trains.
  • Started a blog! Obvs.
  • Got a couple of tattoos and a few piecing
  • Found out Blondes don’t have more fun- sorry but true.
  • Currently finding more ways to improve my MH.
  • Actually went to the gym- AND LOVED IT
  • Held down my job for a while now.
  • Attending my first blogging even
  • Paid off student over drafts- and basically all other debt
  • Found some sort of self-worth
  • Found out who you want to be
  • Bossed walking in 6 inch heels
  • Have basically done everything I didn’t think I could.

I absolutely loved writing this. Sometimes we forget just how far we’ve come. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some stuff but that can be for another day?

2 thoughts on “Reverse Bucket List: Sept 17

  1. Sounds like you’ve achieved a lot, well done! I really do love these reverse bucketlists, it’s great to see how much everybody has accomplished. Passing my driving test was such a happy moment for me, I did it so much later than everyone else and it was such an achievement for me!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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