Blogging Inspirations.

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Gemma.Hannah Gale.

Blogging is difficult. Finding new content, reaching out to new bloggers and creating as much content as humanly possible – its draining. I absolutely adore this community and there are so many people that keep me going. I have never had the pleasure of meeting anyone on this list but I thought I would give them a little shout out. These bloggers inspire me to keep moving and pushing content that I love. So thank you, you boss ass babes!


Queen Beady.

This woman is amazing. The content she produce’s daily really does inspire me to keep going- and spend a few £1000, too. This exceptional woman’s life style post are second to none and the images she uses are up there with some of the best. I could ramble on about how amazing this ultimate boss’s content is, but what I love the most is her passion. She has a passion for blogging and it shines through in every letter typed.


If you have no clue who Jemma is then you most certainly have been living under a rock. She is one of the most charismatic bloggers I have ever come across. She is such a pillar in the blogging community- especially for us little bloggers who hope for the best.

Her talents don’t just lie in blogging, she is the most amazing artist too. I love pretty much everything on her Etsy store. Basically if you want bright and beautiful, Jemma’s your Girl.

Hannah Gale.

I fucking love Hannah. As a struggling 24 year old, Hannah gives me the ability to keep one foot in front of the other. Her archive is filled of relatable post that often leave me in stiches. And her new posts about her new little bubs give me hope that one day things won’t be so up in the air.

Basically, thank you Hannah Gale for making me feel a little more normal and less insignificant.


Yes another Gemma, but for knowledge of the blogging industry this Scottish babe is the person to stalk. Her post are so informative and beautifully written, you almost forget your reading about pods. I’m not sure if she knows but she is the first blog I got to when I’m struggling to get my blogging shit together. It’s a perfect little space for someone a little naive, like me.

Grace F Victory.

My life hasn’t always been plain sailing, and many times I have felt like the things that haunt me dictate my life. Grace to me shows, you decide who you want to be, not your past. And I will always be grateful for that.

Plus her content is utterly amazing!

SO, there you have it. My ride or dies for inspirations. Let me know in the comments who yours are!

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