Online Dating and Me…

Why not start this off like an online dating profile, aye?
Hello you, utter babes.

So I don’t know if you’ve caught on but I’m a little harsh on myself. I easily find flaws, and pick at them until a flaw becomes a gaping whole. And that is exactly why I suck at flirting or any kind of social interaction. After being single for a little too long, I decided to get back into dating game- what’s better than online dating.

And somehow miraculously a few weeks of chatting to a guy we went on a date. Now the relationship didn’t last but I would say that online dating isn’t as cliché as many would think that it is. It isn’t a case of algorithms and nude pics- although there are plenty of them about.

You put in what you get out.

If you are open to the idea and actively reach out to people through messages or even liking a few images then you will ultimately get a response. And who doesn’t want that fitty with the sleeve to come say hello?

Now some people will ignore you. Unfortunately it is the truth and it can make you question whether or not to give up. Yet, sometimes when you’re feel extra sassy you’ll keep on going.

Sometimes it’s nice just to have a flirt.

Hey, now bear with me. Sometimes we meet someone and the conversation starts of flowing and you get that giddy feeling in your tummy. Then things start to fizzle out and you realize that you have nothing in common with a gym going 6ft 5 hunk with no neck.  AND ITS OKAY!

Sometimes, that first conversation is all you need to make you feel wanted. And isn’t that enough for a bit of a confidence boost?

You learn what you want.

When we go into certain situations we have a checklist. Ideas of what we think would happen- and I am sorry my love life just doesn’t work that way.

Online dating is great for opening new windows and finding out what you really want in a partner. Ditching the check list is by no means settling, it allows you to look for natural chemistry and character traits which suit you and your life.

If someone gets a little too much. Block them.

One of my favourite dates ❤

This actually works if you stumble upon a long forgotten ex too!

If someone is giving you the heeby jeebies, then you have every right to block them and get on with your life. You control who sees you not the app or site. Okay?

There are success stories.

Okay mine wasn’t, but there are success stories out there. Some of my favorite relationships were found online and it makes me so happy. Don’t for one second think that you will never find ‘the allusive one’ just cause your searching online. It doesn’t mean you’re over the hill, it just means you appreciate your sanity and PJ’s.

Online dating might not be for everyone, but it has most definitely taught me a lot about myself. What about you? What’s your thoughts on online dating ? Or have you dated someone you’ve met online? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. I mean that in the least Jeremy Kyle way possible.

15 thoughts on “Online Dating and Me…

  1. Love this post! Stumbling across an ex would be the worst. I know lots of people who have tried online dating with little and lots of success and I know I would definitely give it a go if I was single. xx

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    1. Thank you love ❤
      I'm pretty happy as I am to be honest. I have a few things left to tick off before settling down. Although if Gerrad Butler came knocking I wouldn't exactly say no.
      Steph that's so lovely!


  2. I think you have a really positive attitude towards online dating, Em! I think it’s important to see it for what it is and to treat it as a learning experience, just as you have! It’s so key to know what you want in a person, so chatting to multiple different people really helps you work that out! I’m sure that the right man will come along for you – you’re a total sweetheart and should be treated like a princess!

    Abbey 😇


  3. I keep dipping my toe into online dating but I always stop after a few days. I just can’t get used to it and I feel so weird talking to guys online that I don’t know. I really need to get over my fears of it though and give it a proper try!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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    1. It just takes time- whether you fall and hit the allusive ‘one’ or meet him on tinder. It doesn’t matter in the end.
      Don’t I sound like Nicholas Sparks!


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