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The essentials for those ‘HELP ME’ mornings.

We all have those days we simply can’t function. The prospect off social interactions, endless spreadsheets or just getting out of our pajamas just gets a little too much. If you’re anything like myself then these days come far too often. Sometimes not finding the ability to function as a normal ‘human’ being is enough to drive any one around the bend.


So here are a few tips I’ve collected over the past few years which help me when I can do anything but function.

Have a coffee.

Okay, you highly caffeinated folk who are currently rolling their eyes back to 1966, hear me out. Making a coffee and having 10 minutes to sit an drink it at your leisure is relaxing. It’s a great way to ease yourself into the day with the added benefit of caffeine. Yes! Woo, caffeine!

Allowing yourself 10-15 minutes for a lovely cup of coffee in the morning will not only give your morning a little bit of a boost but will allow you to plan and prepare to get out of your PJ’S AND ROCK THE DAY!

Give yourself an extra bit of love.

Now this is something I am all for! When I’m particularly anxious/tired/stressed I spend a little bit more time getting ready. I pop a little bit more concealer on, load my lashes full of mascara and make sure my hair looks kind of presentable.

Give yourself a bit of TLC.


Something as silly as popping your favorite lipstick on can change your mindset from Slytherin to cute little Hufflepuff in a swish and flick.

Text one of the girls.

I can guarantee I will get at least one text from one of my babes in the morning. Having a little moan will really help get somethings off your chest and clear your mind for the morning ahead.

Write a to do list.

Daft but true. Getting a little bit organized can lift a weight of your shoulders. Ticking things off said to do list will only make you feel like the ultimate boss you are. And maybe you could treat yourself to a little nap once the to do list is completed?

Just remember completing one task a day is a great. Sometimes life gets in the way, don’t feel disheartened if you do not complete the full list. You’re still a Queen.

Get dressed.

Pajamas are great…for bed. Yet, if you want an uber productive day, pop some comfy clothes on. For some reason coffee stained pajamas just don’t motivate folk get shit done.

And there you have it a few tips which help me when I’ve fallen out with myself. Hope this helps you utter babes!


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  1. I couldnt’ agree more about texting your girls if you need a bit of a lift (or a kick up the bum hehe)! My Whatsapp group of girlfriends is the best, they never fail to pick me up when I need it, or make me laugh! Getting dressed really helps me to get motivated too, although laying in your PJs all day is reaaallly tempting on a Sunday! Fab post, super relatable!

    Abbey 😇 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk


    1. Honestly texting the girls is a life saver. Exactly. PJ days aren’t just for Sundays, theyre for ALL THE DAYS!
      Thank you for such a lovely comment xxx


  2. I love being able to take 10 or 15 minutes in the morning to sit down and chill out while drinking tea or coffee. If I skip it I end up feeling grumpy for the day. And there’s nothing like texting your girlfriends for a pick-me-up, they get us through so much!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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