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The fact I was nominated for this tag makes me giggle. But Chloe (or the ultimate babe as you may know her on here) decided to nominate me and I just couldn’t say no. Now I am not by any means a beauty blogger but I thought I would share what little wisdom I have, in hopes someone will tell me where I’m going wrong!

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?

I’d have to say The Body Shop, English Rose Face Mask. It aims to give a little bit more life to skin and leaves it feeling lovely and refreshed. Having naturally quite dry skin, this product leaves my skin so nourished. I use it probably twice a month, which isn’t a lot. I mainly use it when my skin needs it.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever heard?

Always take your make up off before bed. No matter who is next to you, they are not worth the spots.

I have no idea who said it but it’s something that sticks in my mine. Having a thick cleanser can really help keep spots at bay. I have never really had severe acne, but when I do get the odd explosion of spots, I tend to feel quite paranoid people are judging my skin.

And if you are lucky enough to have someone sleeping next to you, they can just deal with the red skin and under eye bags.

Would you rather wear no lipstick or no mascara for a year?

Oh this is a little bit of a tough one! I do love a nude lip, but I would have to say mascara. I feel like I look like a bit of a boiled egg without it. Mascara also makes me look like I’m awake- when all I want is to dip my head in  a vat of coffee.

What’s your favourite makeup brand ever?

I don’t think there’s one in particular. Although The Body shop is a brand I constantly go back too. I love their products- even though some can be a bit of a miss. There foundations are amazing! I couldn’t recommend their cushion foundation enough. All their products are cruelty free and yes, they are slightly more expensive than high street but they are definitely worth it.

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? (Be honest!).

Do I really have to be honest?

I’d have to say once a month maybe? Yes, I know I’m disgusting! I wear the same make up pretty much every day, I don’t really diversify my look. So I tend just to use my brushes until they look a bit grim. *Smacks hands*

What’s your favourite skincare product… moisturiser, cleanser, toner?

I’d probably have to say Micellar water. I hate using really thick cleansers or balms. Most Micellar waters a pretty good but I don’t think I’ve found a better one than simple. It’s really help remove make up effortlessly and calm down the redness in my skin. Bonus! It’s pretty cost effective too, I think it’s about £6.00 and last for months.

Do you prefer a matte eyeshadow or a shimmer?

I’m definitely a matte girl! I love to stick to browns or warm organs, I think they really compliment my dark brown eyes. And seriously who doesn’t love a brown tone Smokey eye!

Have you ever purchased any of the beauty advent calendars? If so, which ones?

No, but I am definitely eyeing up The Body Shop’s festive beaut! I love advent calendars which don’t just display the brands make up but there skin care too. It’s a great way to show products to people who may not even know they exist!

Which beauty blogger do you think offers the best advice and tips?

Emma’s Rectangle(give her a search on YT) is bloody amazing. She deserves so much more recognition that what she gets. She has such a great knowledge on products and I find her looks are really diverse. She is kind of the reason I may or may not be eyeing up the Gorgio Armani foundation. I love her. My bank account, not so much!

Name one beauty trend from your high school years – did you like it?

Fucking, Dream Matte Mouse(yes, that’s now what I call it). Seriously why! I now have no idea why it had such a cult teen following the shades we just awful!

How long does it take you to do your makeup in the morning?

About 10 minutes. I don’t use a lot. And it’s always the same stuff.

Do you do your foundation first and then your eye makeup or your eye makeup first?

Foundation I love a light covering just to cover the redness on my chin and around my nose. I can’t stand it.

Have you mastered the art of contouring?

Haha, no. I like to think I attempt it and don’t look gaunt. Although I could most definitely be wrong with that!

What’s your absolute favourite foundation?

I honestly don’t think I have one. I love different aspects of foundations I have tried recently. I love the application of Rimmel 24 hr stay (it smells good too), the colour (I’m pale) of L’Oréal cushion foundation and the comfort of No 7 Airbrush foundation.

I promise I’m not picky.

Do you prefer a more natural brow or do you go all-out Cara Delevingne?

It depends on my mood. Although I’d say I tend to go for a natural over bold brows. I have naturally quite dark thick brows so I’m a little scared as to what product to use on them.

So I’m going to change the next bit a little. I am not going to nominate annoy, but simply ask any one who reads this to leave a comment, giving a their best beauty advice or favorite products. Us novices needs a little bit of help!

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  1. Emma, you lovely lady. I love reading your posts and this is another one! You really made me giggle on the mascara question where you replied that you’d look like a boiled egg without it. I don’t think I would ever expect anything less from you than to make me giggle out loud. Such a fantastic post and your true beautiful personality really shines through!!!!! xoxoxox


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