Cocktail of the Month: Elderflower Fizz.

Oh, hi there!

After thinking of the content I would love to up load, cocktails (alcoholic and non alcoholic) kept cropping up. I am a massive cocktail enthusiast. Being rather partial to a Pornstar Martini, I couldn’t help but think of a better idea to lead us into the Christmas months.

And I couldn’t start with a better cocktail than Elder Flower Fizz! Simple, beautiful and takes barely any time at all! Perfect for the last few Summer days.

You will need.



Elder flower cordial or Liqueur (AND that’s it- I told you it was easy!).

Prosecco time!



  • Firstly grab a few glasses, worthy of instagram!
  • Then pour the Prosecco into the glass until half the glass is filled.
  • Then add 25ml measure (or a quarter of the glass) of Gin and Elder flower cordial to taste.
And now for Gin ❤


Tip: Pop the glasses in the freezer a few hours prior to making the cocktails to ensure the drink will remain cold for longer.

Now, didn’t I tell you it was easy?

Non Alcoholic, Alternative

Lemonade or Soda Water.

Elder Flower Cordial


I would suggest popping a few blueberries in the glass and giving them a little push with a spoon. This will help bring out the Elder flower flavour. Just make sure this is done before the next step- to avoid an explosion of blueberries.

Fill up the desired glass with Lemonade/Soda Water, until about three quarters of the glass is full. Add a good splash  of Elder Flower cordial and give it a little stir. And VA la.

Hope you enjoyed, this super simple but a little bit fancy cocktail of the month. Please let me know what cocktails you’d like to see in the months coming!




13 thoughts on “Cocktail of the Month: Elderflower Fizz.

    1. AH NO! I’m sorry! Although the Non Alcoholic version is pretty epic too!

      Not too much longer for your Christmas Baby! xx


  1. Can imagine just drinking this and would have been lovely to make over the bank holiday. Will just have to hope for a few more sunny days. Xx


  2. Haha knowing the conversations we have this post made me chuckle. Love a pornstar martini. Definitely going to leave the alcohol alone now though I remember why I just don’t drink! Xxxxxx

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