Now, I wouldn’t get to excited for this post, it will only be uploaded when I actually have things to talk about. But right now there are a few things that are totally rocking my world and destroying my bank balance. So I thought I’d let you in on them.

I love Autumn. Picture taken by me!


White Mocha

The delicious-ness of a Starbucks White mocha can now be somewhat achieved at home. Nescafé have launched a new sachet of heavenly coffee which has seemingly blown my mind! It’s so lovely and frothy and definitely gives you the ‘warm and cozy’ Autumn feeling everyone is craving right now. Just REMEMBER the second stir is needed to make sure you don’t have any massive lumps of powder attacking you teeth

L’Oréal Paradise Exotic Mascara.

Tip: Curl you eyelashes. You’ll thank me.

After the first 3 applications I hated this mascara, it was clumpy and just not the fluttery goodness I was hoping for. I don’t know if there was too much product in the bottle or it just takes a little getting used to but the 4th application was a game changer. My lashes, look Long, fluttery and it stays! ITS ALL I COULD EVER WANT IN A MASCARA.

I am a girl who throws make up at her face and hopes for the best. Seriously, my makeup skills rival a 6 year old. I had my eye on this mascara a few weeks before it launched in the UK- purely because of the packing. Yes, I am indeed that basic, but I have to say I am obsessed and cant wait to wear this bad boy on holiday!

Next, Antigua Room defuser.

This is my ultimate babe of smells. A room defused of beach, cocktail filled holiday goodness, its just perfection. Next has really knocked it out of the ball park with this one.

I’ve had this diffuser for nearly 3 months and I still have a quarter of the bottle(Praying it lasts till the Christmas scents so I can change it to the equally lovely winter fragrance). Now don’t get me wrong it does cost a little more that usual (£18 ish) but it really does last and makes the most amazing difference to any room.


A bit of an odd one to say its August, but I am ready for fluffy coats, blankets and Latte’s now.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Yes! Picture sourced from


I have spent the past 4 days Binge watching this absolute amazing show. I have to admit this isn’t the first time I’ve watched the show, but it just makes me so happy. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the relationship Ru has with the other judges and, indeed contestants.

Ru Paul’s drag race is a show that screams opportunity. An opportunity to be yourself an opportunity to learn to love your flaws and an opportunity to view a completely different way of life. And I absolutely love it!

P.S I really need to take some make up tips off pretty much 90% of the contestants.

I told you it would only be a ‘few’ but I can promise you that these are my current, can’t live without products. I could probably list a lot of tat but these few things really do keep putting a smile on my face. So, here’s to next time, lovelies.o

12 thoughts on “FRIDAY FAVES: No 1.

  1. I cannot wait for Autumn either, it’s my favourite season of the year and reminds me that Halloween and Christmas are on their way.


  2. Such a varied favourites here Em, I love it! I really need to get into watching Drag Race because I’ve never seen it and it looks like I’m majorly missing out! The L’Oreal mascara sounds amazing, it makes me sad that they test on animals, otherwise I’d definitely buy from them but I just can’t think of the poor bunnies suffering! 💔 Fab post, thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 🌸


    1. You to its amazing! Although series 5 will always be my favourite. I did try to go cruelty free but with companies, and sister companies it all gets too confusing. I am definitely more aware of it. If that makes sense?

      Thanks for an amazing comment. xx


  3. The white chocolate mocha is one of my autumn favourites it’s delicious! I also am really looking forward to autumn too, and drag race had always been a solid favourite x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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