Do mistakes* make you a bad person?

FullSizeRender (40).jpgIf you haven’t guessed already, I am shit at life. I like to think that I handle all my fails with a certain level of grace. And that level of grace is about the same as a fly frantically hitting the window trying to get out of the kitchen.

What I am not afraid to say is that because of the fault’s I had in the past, heck, the faults I have now. In spite of all the crap, I’ve done and put my parents through, I am now a good person. Whether, some people want to believe it or not.

I could drone on, quoting sayings some Disney character or ramble on about how mistakes allow us to grow as a person. But, do they really? One ‘fail’ doesn’t mean we learn, what is right or wrong. Falling off the track time and time again and getting back up, shows a good person. Reflecting on those times and treating others with the respect they deserve is a utterly epic *insert amazing emoji, here* person.

With so many people judging our abilities, morals and achievements through social media- don’t lie we all stalk and judge. Has our generation, completely missed the memo that is all fake? A good person simply doesn’t come from a great following, but their actions. And what they do inspire of the ‘iffy’ moments we all have! Yes, I am looking at you teenage years.

Isn’t it time we stop throwing mistakes of the past at people who are constantly supporting and showing kindness in the present? If their past mistakes are harming you in any way shape or form, block them. Ignore them, completely take them out of the equation- you’ll feel better for it.

I have been judged by mistakes in the past, hell, I’VE judged me for my mistakes in the past. The mistakes you make at your lowest do not and should not ever define who you are! What you are! Or what will become of your future. It’s time to grab life by the metaphorical balls, and do something you think you can’t.

You’ll thank yourself later.




14 thoughts on “Do mistakes* make you a bad person?

  1. To be honest without making mistakes you can’t always learn from your actions! I’ve done some things that now I frown apon and I don’t do. You know this why I don’t agree with the twitter witch Hun mentality it doesn’t really help you move forward from your mistakes if you have screenshots and the name and shame mentality x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


    1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s awful to see people rip each other apart, over irrelevant things.

      I have to agree with you about things you’ve done in the past. There’s things that make me feel sick that I even thought about doing xx


  2. Oh my lovely, you’re so lovely. This post really struck a cord with me if I’m being honest. I am forever worrying about things I’ve done in the past, although I haven’t been horrible… although perhaps I could have been a bit nicer to that boy… but you know what… this is coming from a 30 year old here… there is nothing you can do to change the past or peoples opinions apart from live YOUR life how you want to and be the person YOU want to be. I can promise you something.. no one else is laying in bed thinking about what you did when you were a teenager so go easy on yourself, you’re a beautiful person inside and out and we have all done things in the past we wish we could take back or forget xxxxxxxxxx


    1. Oh lucy! We all do! We have All done and said things we can’t take back. And yes it’s a bit shit, but you learn from your mistakes.

      I couldn’t agree more about living your own life. And I can say you have only been amazing to me xxxx

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  3. Oh Em, this was such an open and honest post, I couldn’t have more respect for you right now! I was an absolute nightmare as a teenager and really put my poor Mum through the ringer, which I really regret and feel shameful about now, but I have grown up, learned from my mistakes, and put the past behind me! I totally agree that our society can be very judgemental, and people can keep an idea of you in their heads that was based on actions from many years ago, despite the fact that you may be very different now! It’s such a shame but if somebody is that judgemental and rigid in their opinions, that is THEIR PROBLEM and it says way more about them and their unwillingness to give a second chance than it does about you and your behaviour! I think you’re a fantastic young woman and deserve to be proud of the person you’ve become! Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, it’s how we deal with them and grow that makes us into better people! Sorry for the ramble hehe xx

    Abbey 👑


    1. I’ve read this comment about 5 times, I absolutely love it! And I most definitely love the ramble!

      I am such a huge believer than we learn from our mistakes an as we grown older our morals change too. Your completely right, I have friends and family member I no longer talk to because they assume I am like my dad (long story) or that I am still living up to the mistakes I made at unit and when I was a teen.

      P.S. Not going to lie but I may or may not have cried a little reading the end bit off this comment ❤


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