What to expect from this little blog!

Sometimes, just sometimes I am so flawed by the blogging community. The support I have seen and received ALWAYS out ways the trolls- let’s face it, trolls are only key board warriors anyway. I absolutely adore our community, it has its flaws but, seriously, who doesn’t?

As I sit writing this post, with mocha and occasionally dreaming about my holiday, I can’t help but think how far I have come. Just a tweet away there are men and women who inspire me to go on in my best moments, but there are also so many others that support me at my weakest. All I can say is thank you, and I’m sure you know who you are.

After reading Lydia Millen’s Code of Conduct post, I realized that my old content was a little forced. With many post’s trying to ‘fit’ the idea of a life style blogger – when there isn’t one. Mainly due to listening to insecurities rambling on at 2 in the morning, my content changed. And that is something I intend to rectify. We all don’t have to fit into one blogger bIMG_2581.JPGox- something I think we all should remember.



First and foremost, I want this blog to be somewhere I want to go back to when things get too much- my blog is for me as much as anyone else(slightly selfish I know). Where I can remind myself of a time what I felt like life got a little too much and remind myself of the demons I met and obliterated*insert amazing wonder woman feeling here*.

I am relatable. I am the girl who, blows out a candle and miraculously sets her hair on fire- we all know one. We have all felt alone; from mental health to embarrassing yourself on a date- at some point in our lives we have all had the awful feeling of feeling alien in a world we are desperate to belong too. I’d love for this space to help others feel a little less like an outsider and more empowered.

Positivity and motivation

Hopefully, this little space of mine will be positive. No trolls, bullies or anything else life wants to throw at us is allowed (unless used for motivating). Any comment’s I see to be anything other than constructive will be deleted.

Motivation is incredibly important. As I grow older my motivation changes, as a teen I was driven by money but now, I just want to be comfortable with my life. Of course there will be motivational blogs, I feel like sometimes we all need someone to kick us up the arse, but I want my post to empower you; you can honestly do anything you set your mind too.


I have literally no idea where life will take me and I am not sure I want it too either. I learn from every mistake, from every failure and challenge. After spending years, ‘planning’ my life, I am so looking forward to the challenges that come along. And of course taking you guys along for, what I am sure will be a bumpy ride.

Here’s to hitting a few more Bumps!



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