A list of happiness

Now, I am not good at anything in particular, but I do excel in list making. Not necessarily completing them but the list will most definitely be on point.

Anyway, I am totally going of topic. It seems like everyone and their mother are having a little bit of a tough time at the moment. So I thought, it was about time someone shared a smile or two.

The first waft of coffee in the morning.

Whether you’re a caffeine fiend or just love the amazing aroma, the smell of coffee can make anyone smile. Ah, Dreamy.

A ‘good’ Netflix series.

You know the type, nothing to heavy- just a casual watch you can throw on and ignore while you scroll through twitter.

A Christmas count down!

We all need this in our lives. No if buts or maybes. ‘Cause seriously who doesn’t love Christmas!

P.S Sleeps lite, has bells. Winning.

Wine, moaning and laughing with the girls.

Is there any better therapy ? It’s actually cheaper than most councilors too!

Thoughts of old MSN conversations.

Cause its KL *toes curl at how awful my spelling used to be*.


Seriously, do I need to explain?

A log fire.

Seriously, what about wrapped up in a little chalet with a burning log fire doesn’t make you happy? Yes, I am aware its slightly unrealistic, but a girl can’t quit her day dream.

All, the blankets.

Mermaid blankets, fluffy blankets, any old blanket- comfort is needed, always.

Finding a bargain top in Primark

And subsequently shouting ‘It’s FROM PRIMARK’ when anyone asks about this epic find.

Lush- literally all, the Lush Bath Bombs in the land.

I have no idea what magic they put in these amazing balls of pleasure. But there is something to be said about lounging in a bath with your favorite bath bomb. Even the thought of it just makes me go ‘Ahh’.

Harry Potter

Proud Hufflepuff, right here. Harry potter is home to so many around the world, both muggle and wizard folk, alike. Falling in love with the story over and over again, instantly gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and a big cheesy grin.

Yes, this list is a little bit crap, but can you honestly say thinking about Ron Wesley’s first kiss, wrapped up underneath a blanket, sat next to a roaring log fire, wouldn’t make you smile?

Mischief managed!